Working with local small business & start-ups to improve their social reach through visual storytelling. I specialize in print & web based designs that help brands engage. 



Specializing in Branding & Print I have worked in design for 10+ years and aim to collaborate with you to create stunning visual solutions to help you stand out. 



Having a passion for drawing and Illustration since before I could tie my shoes, I implement my experience into my work to provide you with custom eye-grabbing visuals. 

Video & Motion

In today's ever moving digital world it's important & more challenging than ever to grab people's attention. Video & motion graphics are the next evolution in design to elevate your project to the next level. 

Branding Identity design for Online Marketing Start-up


Email Elite was looking for a fresh yet refined brand identity to launch their new online marketing business. The focus is building a niche audience through e-mail and other online avenues. This is the Identity solution we implemented.

Launching your product!

Launching your product!

Steps to finding your audience. 

Steps to finding your audience. 

Developing a fun concept collaborating with Cityscape Phoenix For Comicon 2016


Working in collaboration with Cityscape Phoenix to develop a fun concept to attract guests attending Phoenix Comicon 2016 to the Cityscape area for fun games and diverse treats from the local businesses. We developed a fun & energetic retro video game theme solution to get attendees of all ages to want to participate and learn of new business in the area. 

Being a rush project we took the idea from concept to print in about a week. Working diligently to provide the best most original concepts and design/illustration for the great new annual event. 

"Interactive" Photo backdrop was lots of fun for attendees as well as some great badges to collect for completing each level. 

Print ad design for local businesses in Cityscape Downtown Phoenix


Cityscape Phoenix was looking for a hip, urban design to help promote their new "Central Perks" student discount promotions. Two sided print for local college campuses.   


Tattoo Flash Inspired Posters & Temporary Tattoos


After seeing and loving the explosive blockbuster Pacific Rim I couldn't help but realize the homage Del Torro was paying to the acclaimed series Neon Genesis Evangelion & this was my tribute both. Series prints sold at Phoenix Comicon 2014. Also pictured are other goodies illustrated and produced for the event (Sorta NSFW).


30 days of unique poster design


Design challenges are great ways to keep sharp and explore new material while pushing your creative limits. These are my favorite selections from my 30 day poster challenge. 



Creating a diverse brand strategy for a diverse skate company


With the problem of providing skate equipment to different niches of the sport. Voodoo Skateboards was looking for Branding solutions to satisfy two completely different demographics. here are the solutions we provided.