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Quest & Fest

Quest & Fest

Character design, Branding, Illustration

Quest & Fest Branding & Creative for Cityscape Phoenix


One of my first projects with Cityscape in Downtown Phoenix, they needed an entire campaign designed from bottom up to help promote exploration of their beautiful Downtown Phoenix restaurants, clubs and businesses to the 100,000 attendees of Phoenix Comic Con just around the corner.

In collaboration with the Cityscape Marketing team the project had only 1 week to get ready to go to print, and we wanted to provide a fun themed event that Comic Con goers would be enticed to explore and share on social media. They had the idea of each of the 10 business participating offering 2$ samples of food, drink, game tokens and much more.

After some creative brainstorming I pitched that we theme it in a vibrant retro video game theme to play on the progression of trying samples to completing a “level” to earn a badge, which provided an extra incentive to participate as well as share on social media. After earning so many badges the “final boss” fight picture area was where each participant that completed at least 5 levels could interact with the illustrated backdrop for some more social media photo fun. Finishers who sampled at least 5 businesses would then receive a free customized gift of an “Extra Life” portable phone charger.


Custom illustrated 1in button “badges” earned for completing different “levels” throughout downtown Phoenix.

Above 22x28in Poster displays for around Downtown Phoenix as well as full page ad in the Phoenix Comic Con program, and tri-fold “level” map with video game inspired world map of Cityscape Phoenix.


 After completing 5 levels and interacting with the final boss evil desert scorpion collecting their favorite pins, players were rewarded with an Extra Life! Custom designed portable charger that always comes in handy. 

Photo Credit to @ the.five.oh  on instagram. Thanks for sharing!

Photo Credit to @the.five.oh on instagram. Thanks for sharing!